Canada Malting Co. Limited can provide any of our malts from our plants or transload facilities.

  • CMC Superior Pilsen (1.3-1.7° ASBC Colour)

    Produced from selected lots of premium, Canadian-grown Copeland barley, Canada Malting Superior Pilsen is low in total protein, high in extract and low in colour with balanced modification, which makes it a perfect base malt for lagers of all types.

  • CMC Canadian 2-Row (1.7-2.1° ASBC Colour)

    Traditional, premium-grade 2-Row malt is made from the finest Canadian barley malt varieties. This malt is a suitable base for all beer styles.

  • CMC Canadian 6-Row (1.7-2.1° ASBC Colour)

    The preferred base malt of some large North American brewers, due to its higher enzyme content, which is ideal for use in conjunction with adjuncts. Also an excellent base malt for use in wheat beer production.

  • CMC Pale Ale (2.8-3.4° ASBC Colour)

    A higher-colour, 2-Row malt. This is very well-modified malt, aromatic and perfect for ales of all types.

  • CMC White Wheat (3.0-4.0° ASBC Colour)

    Made with superior-grade soft white wheat for the production of traditional German Wiessbier and American Wheat Beer. This malt can also be used for added head retention and mouth feel in any beer.

  • CMC Munich (6-10° ASBC Colour)

    Produced in the traditional European method, Canada Malting Munich malt is made by “stewing” germinated 2-Row malt, then kilning it at high temperatures, providing colour and aromatics without introducing caramel/crystal flavours. This malt is a fantastic addition to amber and dark beers.

  • CMC Rye (1.8-3.2° ASBC Colour)

    At a rate of 10%-20%, Canada Malting Rye will lend an interesting grating, slightly spicy flavour. As is true of malted wheat, malted rye is higher in protein and beta-glucans and is without an outer hull, which can lead to a very sticky mash prone to settling. We suggest brewing with a portion of our Canada Malting 6-Row or rice hulls in mash to help loosen the grain bed.

  • CMC Distiller’s Malt (1.2-1.8° ASBC Colour)

    At a rate of up to 100%, Canada Malting’s distiller’s malt is an excellent enzyme, amino nitrogen and starch source for a partial to full distiller’s mash. The well-modified malt, coupled with a gentle kilning cycle, produces high enzyme levels, which can be used to break down other starch sources.

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