Pink Boots Malt package


Pink Boots Malt

The Pink Boots Malt is a seasonal craft base malt product, appropriate for both brewing and distilling. Each year, it will highlight a different barley variety and subtle differences in base malt characteristics.

The 2024 Pink Boots Malt features the Odyssey barley variety grown across the Pacific Northwest. Originally from the UK, Odyssey is a well-established variety perfect for creating a well-balanced, low color malt. Its unique characteristics have helped to produce a low-GN, high extract Pilsen-style malt product, appropriate for a range of beer and whiskey styles.

Exclusively available in bag format through Country Malt Group.

Moisture % Max. 4.5
Protein Total Max. 10.5
Extract FG Dry Min 83
GN Max 0.5
PSY Min 400

Where to buy?

  • Country Malt Group (55lbs, totes up to 2,000lbs)
  • Canada Malting Co. Limited (bulk loads via truck, railcar, container, or ocean vessel)

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