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At Canada Malting, we take care of our family! We want to provide our employees with the best benefits we can so they can be healthy, enjoy quality time with friends and family, give back to their communities, and focus on their development. We believe financial health is just as important as physical health—we provide our employees with the financial resources and support they need for their financial well-being. We believe that employees with a great quality of life contribute to making great malt!

Check out just some of the great perks we offer our employees below:

Diversity and Inclusion


Canada Malting is committed to Diversity and Inclusion by ensuring that recruitment and selection practices at all levels are appropriately structured so that a diverse range of candidates is considered and guard against any conscious or unconscious biases that might discriminate against certain candidates.


As an equal opportunity employer, we welcome applications from all to help us build a diverse workforce which reflects the diversity of our customers, and communities, in which we live and serve.

Explore Our Culture


Only at a company like Canada Malting could you find a community of multi-generational farmers, employees whose years of service span 1 to 45 years, the world’s most distinguished brands of beer, and a collection of up-and-coming local craft breweries. Our shared desire for community is why it’s not uncommon to see our producers stopping by the country elevator for a cup of coffee, or our elevator managers collecting barley samples from our producers personally. It’s why you’ll see brewers creating special beers to celebrate special milestones at Canada Malting, and it’s why we host a yearly Malting Course for brewers from all over the globe to learn what good malt is and how to use it. Our community is what makes us successful, what makes us strive for excellence, and what makes us who we are.

Giving Back

Donations and matching for red cross, disasters, donations of ingredients for charity brews, Drop in Centre volunteering, etc. See our actions here.

When a local elementary school needed to raise funds to build a playground, Canada Malting was there with a $20,000 donation to help make that dream a reality. When a small-town fire department needed more equipment, Canada Malting was there with a donation of two infra-red scanners. When a devastating natural disaster hits, or tragedy strikes close to home, Canada Malting is there donating time, resources, and finances to help those affected. Canada Malting invests in Indigenous communities by providing yearly scholarships to First Nations, Inuit, and Metis students. Scholarship recipients are given opportunities to work at a Canada Malting facility between semesters and are given the opportunity to become part of the Company’s Maltster Trainee Program upon graduation. When those in our communities need assistance, Canada Malting is there, just like it has been since 1902, and just like it will be going forward.


Things that we do for Team Building, group functions.

At Canada Malting, we’re more than just a collection of individuals in separate roles—we’re teammates and partners in success. We’re family. We don’t believe in stagnant boardroom team development; we believe in being grounded in our community. We host staff appreciation nights at our customers’ breweries. We send our female employees to brew a special beer for International Women’s Day. The group functions don’t just stop at our employees. Their family is our family too, which is why we host a children’s Christmas party and family-friendly events like a day at the corn maze, or a day spent ice-skating. We foster relationships that extend beyond the office, and our work culture extends beyond the office as well.

Working at Canada Malting

“Everyone is treated with respect: employees, customers, and visitors.”

James King

Elevator Manager Montreal

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James has been with Canada Malting for over 25 years. He started as a production employee working in the malt house. As a result of his hard work, and positive and passionate attitude he quickly moved himself into a leadership role. As the Elevator Manager he finds the most interesting part of his are job the opportunities to problem-solve. He feels respected and valued while also having a great deal of freedom to do his job.
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“People that work here are genuinely passionate about what they do. Whether they are sourcing the raw grain in the country or processing it into malt at the plants, our people take great pride in what they do to produce the best malt in the world.”

Leanne Oster

Elevator Manager Niobe

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Leanne Oster started as an AP Clerk at our Calgary office. Having grown up on a farm, Leanne was always interested in the agriculture side of our business. CMC provided her with opportunities to move up in the company, from AP Clerk to Grain Coordinator, to Assistant Elevator Manager in Beiseker, before ultimately leading the way at our Niobe Elevator as Elevator Manager. What Leanne loves best about Canada Malting’s culture is that every person has the opportunity to find and follow their passion in this industry. There are many different facets to our business, from grain procurement, to malting, to malt sales, and all the steps in between. The company supports personal growth and development and will help an employee find a role that makes them happiest.
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“At CMC my whole personhood is considered. I do feel strongly that I am much more than an employee, that the company sees me, considers me as a whole person and respects and appreciates my individuality. It appreciates the whole package, not only the professional person, but also the woman, the immigrant, the mom.”

Mawill Rodriguez

Quality Assurance Manager

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Mawill has been employed with CMC for almost a decade as the North America Quality Assurance Manager. Mawill loves that caring for and developing people is part of the company culture--CMC looks for and recognizes the strengths and weaknesses of the individuals in the organization to help them find the best fit for their growth, which in turn ends up maximizing the individuals’ contribution to the organization.
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