Canada Malting Co. Announces CleanO2 Partnership

Capturing Carbon Emissions and Reducing Environmental Impacts

Canada Malting Co. Limited (CMC), the largest Canadian malt supplier, has partnered with cleantech company CleanO2 to capture carbon dioxide emissions created from a portion of their operations and convert it into consumer products, reducing their environmental impact.

Canada Malting Co. has been operating for more than a century, working alongside farmers across the Canadian prairies to supply North American brewers and distillers with premium malt products. CMC is proud to be part of the United Malt global family of brands that share a culture of sustainability, working together to continuously implement environmental conservation efforts across the malt supply chain.

With this, Canada Malting Co. partnered with CleanO2 Capture Technologies Inc. to install their CarbinX™ technology, the world’s first small-scale carbon capture device used in commercial building heating systems. The CarbinX unit, which is about the size of two refrigerators, permanently sequesters CO2 emissions from flue gas and converts it into commercial-grade pearl ash (potassium carbonate). Pearl ash is an inorganic compound that looks like table salt and can be used in various household products. CleanO2 upcycles the pearl ash to manufacture high quality soaps and cleaning products.

The CarbinX unit at CMC recovers CO2 emissions created during the pelleting process used to turn barley byproducts into cattle feed, another sustainability effort to reduce waste. This one CarbinX unit can lowers total emissions by six tons to nine tons of carbon dioxide per year and can reduce heating costs by 20 percent and reduce CO2 emissions by 20 percent or more.

Heating appliances for buildings are responsible for 13 percent of overall CO2 emissions in Canada, 12 percent of emissions in the U.S. and seven percent of emissions globally. Focused on combating the effects these greenhouse gases can have on climate change, Canada Malting Co. installed the CarbinX unit in November 2022 and it’s been fully operational since January 2023.