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COVID-19 Communication

Canada Malting is committed to the health and safety of our customers and our team. Given the evolving global COVID-19 situation, we would like to assure our customers that we are taking all possible steps to provide uninterrupted supply and excellent service to our customers. Canada Malting supports and adheres to all guidelines established by the World Health Organization, as well as our local and federal government. We are monitoring these guidelines daily and keeping our staff members informed.

Canada Malting operates 3 Malthouses and 9 Country Elevators across Canada and, as such, we are well-prepared to support our customers during this difficult time. We are working closely with our domestic and international partners to keep our sites well stocked with the products that our customers need.

Our transportation partners continue to follow all our Transportation, Workplace Health & Safety, and Food Safety standards. We are not currently experiencing service issues with freight operators. With the changing nature of the situation, we suggest carrying additional safety stock at your facility. We also recommend that customers provide additional lead time for all malt orders to ensure we can prioritize with our transportation providers to meet your delivery requirements.

Please note that to reduce risks for our people and our customers, we have suspended visits to our Malthouses and Country Elevators and interactions with our plant and elevator personnel are restricted. Additionally, business travel and customer visits have been significantly limited or fully cancelled. We have increased sanitation at our sites and implemented a number of steps to minimize risk. We continue to monitor the situation daily.

We understand that you may have further questions or concerns. If this is the case, please reach out to your local Canada Malting representative for more information.

We will continue to update this page with news regarding our business and operations as the COVID-19 situation evolves.

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Canada Malting at the 2019 MBAA

This conference focuses on new research, communications, and innovations coming from the brewing industry and associated industries. The 3-day conference showcased plenary, special, and technical sessions, posters, and workshops. Canada Malting presented the following three, unique, peer-reviewed scientific posters and panel discussion:

The Ups and Downs of Fermentability
Richard W. Joy1, Mawill Rodriguez1, Martha Izydorczyk2, Yueshu Li3, Eric Perry1, Jodi Wong1, Effendi Daud1, Ashley Parkes1, Kyle Po1, and Murphy Ng1

Showcasing fermentation studies across the GrainCorp, North American malt plants, this poster focused particularly on processing changes effecting fermentability. Three case studies illustrated the differences in processing that improved or degraded fermentability in the brewery.  The importance of this presentation was to demonstrate that aeration in the steeping process is highly correlated, not only to well-modified malt but also intricately linked to good fermentation characteristics in the brewery.

In January of 2020, it was officially announced by the MBAA that this poster was the recipient of the 2019 Best Poster Award.

Using Measurement Uncertainty to Improve Quality of Test Results
Mawill Rodriguez1, Jodi Wong1, Eric Perry1, and Richard W. Joy1

This work was a continuation of the study of measurement uncertainty in lab testing.  We continued to build over previous work and analyzed all the sources of error affecting the most important lab methods. With that information, we’re able to make improvements to our processes that increase the reliability of the lab results. The importance of this presentation was to provide an understanding of all the characteristics of the measurement of this test and to provide a framework for error determination in additional tests with the eventual view that these will be part of the lab ISO certification process.

Food Safety in the Malting Industry
Janice A. Landry1, Richard W. Joy1, and Mawill Rodriguez1

This presentation provides cutting edge information on food safety programs that are ongoing in GrainCorp malt, North America.  The presentation touches upon how government involvement and regulations drive food safety programs and the implications from there as customer expectations continuously grow.  Topics touched on included: risk analysis, HACCP, pre-requisite programs, traceability, and certifications.  Lastly, there are 2 case studies presented to illustrate the malting, food safety program in real-time.

Where does your malt come from?
Richard W. Joy1

Providing a 10,000-foot view of where malt comes from, this presentation started with the breeding process to the commercial lifetime (hence, the variety lifetime, from birth to death).  Further, there was an in-depth review of the current and new Canadian 2-row malting varieties, their agronomics, disease resistance, and commercial malting performance.  The talk also included the multiple interactions of how a new variety gains industry and customer acceptance.

*(1)Canada Malting Co. Limited, Calgary, AB, Canada, (2)Canadian Grain Commission, Winnipeg, MB, Canada, (3)Canadian Malting Barley Technical Centre, Winnipeg, MB, Canada

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Grand Opening of the Calgary Packaging Facility

The facility is tied into the Calgary plant bulk storage and handling system and allows for efficient and gentle handling of grain throughout the whole packaging process.

This high capacity automated packaging line will fill and palletize 25 kg bags, as well as 1 MT totes. Equipped with an auto-sampling integrated metal detector and a weight check, the facility can maintain high-quality standards. 

We are excited to open this new packaging facility on our Calgary malt plant site as part of our continuous improvement philosophy. This facility allows us to stage shipments to the Country Malt Group distribution and their warehousing network.

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Alberta Blockchain Summit: Growing Beyond Borders: Blockchain, AG and Trade

The panel discussed many topics including the advantages, trade issues, regulatory hurdles, and security of the blockchain technologies.

See the youtube video

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Joe Dingley Memorial Scholarship Award

In November of 2018, Canada Malting lost a close colleague and friend, Joe Dingley. Joe was with us for over 16 years and served as our Elevator Manager at Lyalta, Alberta. He was a dedicated employee who touched many peoples’ hearts with his compassion and empathy for others.

At the Calgary Christmas Party in 2018 we conducted a fundraiser that raised $4,000 including a matching amount from Canada Malting! In addition, the Calgary office sponsored a weight loss challenge that raised an additional $520. With this money, we decided we wanted to do something to celebrate Joe’s memory. As a result, Canada Malting created the Joe Dingley Memorial Scholarship Award!

We are pleased to announce that Carson Laschowski is the winner of the Joe Dingley Memorial Scholarship Award! Carson is the daughter of Calgary Barley Operator Marvin Laschowski. She is currently pursuing a Bachelors of Nursing at Mount Royal University. The committee was impressed with Carson’s application and her perseverance and persistence in the face of numerous challenges. She has also been nominated for the Tourism Calgary White Hat Award several times. We believe Carson to be an exceptional individual who is very deserving of this recognition.

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2019 CMC Malting Course

This yearly course allows Canada Malting to bring brewers, distillers and other industry people out to the barley fields, grain elevators, our malting plant and more to showcase all aspects of malting.

The first day of the course started with presentations on barley procurement, varieties and quality, we then headed out to visit local farm fields for lunch and a crop tour during their harvest time. From there we proceeded to a tour of our Niobe elevator to further highlight our barley procurement and selection within the local farm communities.

The second day focused on the malting process with presentations on practical malting, biochemistry of malt, malt analysis and brewery impact and finally food safety. Following the presentations participants went to the CMC Calgary plant for a tour of the entire facility to better highlight the processes from start to finish.

On the third day participants were back at the plant to tour our lab and the research and development sections of the company, followed by a brief presentation on malt handling in the brewery and sensory training.

Overall this week is a great learning opportunity and a fantastic ways to connect with industry members around North America.